Why Solar?

Why not solar? It is sustainable, there are robust financial incentives available and it is makes perfect financial sense!

So long as it has been designed and installed to the standards, guidelines and the manufacturer's specifications!

1. Offset carbon emissions

This is probably the biggest single reason: every kilowatt hour of power produced by your solar photo-voltaic system will save about 0.9 - 1.3 kgs of carbon in Victoria (Australian states have one of the most carbon-intensive power-generation networks in the developed world). The better the quality of the system, the more carbon offset will be achieved.

2. Renewable

Solar crystalline technology is renewable, both in terms of the source of energy used – the Sun’s rays, and in terms of the material used in the construction of the module – silicon. Besides in the case of certain quality manufacturers, the whole module is 100% recyclable.

3. Inexhaustible supply of raw materials

Silicon, from sand, is one of the major components. There is an abundant supply of sand in the world, far more than our remaining fossil fuels. The Sun’s rays? well they’ll be around for another 4 billion years or so!

4. Produce your own electricity

Installing a solar photo-voltaic system has the obvious benefit of being, to an extent, free of the grid and protects you from energy price rises.

5. Reduce your electricity costs

Carefully used, the solar system will help reduce electricity costs, without necessarily impacting quality of life.

6. Increase the value of your home

Solar photo-voltaics adds to the value of your building, and increases its “green” rating.


7. Economise your usage

Inevitably, installing a solar system will sensitise the household and business to being more careful about power usage. To further enhance this, iEt offers a unique one-on-one Appliance Energy Audit session to its customers to share knowledge and simple ideas – based on an exact science – on how to economise electricity usage.

8. And now for the economics…
Good return on investment

With current Australian government-supported incentives in place, an attractive return on investment can be realised. See Rebates.


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