99.75kWp Micronisers, Dandenong, Vic - CEC Award-winning system.

" There is attention to detail...there is extreme attention to detail..., and there is the iEnergytech attention to detail "

- Mark Twidell, Managing Director, SMA Australia and member of the CEC board.








99.75kWp Micronisers, Dandenong, Vic - CEC Award-winning system.

" The design, installation & commissioning of the 99.75kWp solar grid-connect generation system at 8 England St, Dandenong, Vic., was completed with outstanding precision.

Each process in the project life cycle was completed fastidiously with great care taken to ensure delivery of not only a complete and compliant system, but something that exceeds expectations.

It is our view that this installation should represent the quality baseline for all installations, regardless of size. "

- Sam Turner, Electrical Inspectors Pty Ltd.








110kWp at Moreland City Council, Coburg Centre, Vic. - CEC Finalist 2015.

“iEnergytech were awarded a contract to deliver a 99.52kW [later expanded to 110kWp] Solar PV system at Moreland’s historic Coburg Civic Centre following a public tender process in late 2014.

The project specification set the bar high on quality for both materials & workmanship.

iEnergytech were selected by the evaluation committee from a group of high calibre bidders who were able to demonstrate their capability to deliver the project’s higher standards.

We are very happy with the product iEnergytech have delivered and the professionalism demonstrated by the key personnel throughout the project delivery.

The quality of the installation and in particular the attention to detail were exceptional.

This was particularly important given the status of this iconic public building and the need for the installation to achieve a long and trouble-free operational life.

We would have no hesitation in recommending iEnergytech for similar installations in future.”


–Stuart Nesbitt
Climate Change Technical Officer Moreland City Council








Testimony to iEnergytech's exemplary installation standards:

" After IEnergytech won last year’s “CEC Solar Design and Installation Awards (2014)”, we at Schletter, thought that IEnergytech would simply maintain the processes that garnered the award.

This was not the case. IEnergytech used those processes as the starting reference only.

As before, it followed the specifications in the Schletter Design Reports, especially the distances between fasteners, cantilevers, maximum lengths per row, to mention a few.

IEnergytech continuously evaluated and searched for areas to improve on. For one, it anticipated future problems that could arise from over (or under) torqueing fasteners and clamps.

Together with Schletter, IEnergytech decided to establish appropriate torques for the specific roofs it worked on. Since not all roofs are of the same strength, specific torques had to be established making sure that compression of the roof sheets, does not exceed 1.5mm.

IEnergytech therefore, had to use Hazet Vernier Callipers and Digital Torque Wrenches to measure roof sheet thicknesses, compression depths and torques accurate to one decimal point.

After a few trials and tests, IEnergytech decided on the appropriate torques to be used by the installing teams.

Moreland City Council will definitely benefit from this meticulous attention to details for decades to come! "

Mari Manjon
Technical Support and Operations Schletter Australia Pty Ltd





75kWp - Cardinia Cultural Centre, Pakenham, Vic.

iEnergytech delivered a 75kWp solar electricity system for the Cardinia Cultural Centre.

iEnergytech placed significant focus on ensuring the delivered system was of high quality, and paid attention to every detail required to ensure the project’s success.

The communication, workmanship, technology, components and project management provided by iEnergytech were impressive.

Their formula is to combine smart technology and solutions with highly-skilled personnel to achieve outstanding results for their client."

Brett Munckton, Environment Officer, Cardinia Shire Council.




99.75kWp Micronisers, Dandenong, Vic - CEC Award-winning system.

“Micronisers had been approached by many companies offering the installation of a solar system for offsetting the current and future costs of electricity.

But we had considerable difficulty in both making the decision to install and also deciding which company would be the most likely to actually deliver on their promises.

iEnergytech was unique in its offer for a number of reasons: It helped with clearly defining the economic-value proposition in terms we could easily understand with comprehensive economic modelling (which was similar but more detailed than the other companies).  

However, where the differences in the quality of the answers became most noticeable, was the evidence used to support their system-performance claims and the quality of the materials and workmanship used for their proposed system.

Sophisticated software determined the optimised layout and system efficiency. The quality of critical components was explained, evidenced and justified for long-term cost effectiveness.

In summary, iEnergytech built the proposal “from the foundations up” and involved Micronisers in every key decision resulting in the final design of the system and in a high level of trust and confidence of having a solar system capable of meeting or exceeding everyone’s expectations.”

Ken King, CEO, Micronisers Pty Ltd

“The design, installation & commissioning of the 99.75kWp solar grid-connect generation system at 8 England Street, Dandenong South, Victoria, 3175, was completed with outstanding precision.

Each process in the project life cycle was completed fastidiously with great care taken to ensure delivery of not only a complete & compliant system, but something that exceeded expectations.

It’s our view that this installation should represent the quality baseline for all installations, regardless of size.”

Sam Turner, Electrical Inspectors Pty Ltd, Victoria.




20.16kWp grid-connect - LanceSmith Excavations, Bayswater, Victoria

“After an initial contact from a supplier of solar systems, I took it upon myself to check out other suppliers & upon finding iEnergytech asked them to quote a system for our Maintenance facility in Bayswater.

I was very impressed with all aspects of their quote & believe that we received a first-class installation for a very reasonable price.

We were kept up-to-date with every aspect of the installation, which was completed in a very professional manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending iEnergytech to anyone who intends installing a solar system.”

Cliff Smith, Lance Smith Excavations Pty Ltd, Bayswater, Victoria





30kWp grid-connect - Deks Industries Australia

“In an industry that is dominated with off-the-shelf solutions offered by disinterested sales’ reps – Udayan and the team at iEnergytech are a revelation, deeply passionate about their work, always sourcing the best possible components from screws to inverters and panels to ensure that the system is faultless and will offer trouble-free performance for the life of the install. 

After visiting the IEnergytech showroom and attending the commissioning of an iEnergytech system at another site in the area, I was very impressed with the entire approach and professionalism of the team. 

Having awarded IEnergytech the contract, we were not disappointed.

Udayan made further site visits to undertake more detail analysis and finalise the minute details of the install, including liaising with our landlord.
Project time-lines were confirmed and parts delivered; the installation progressed ahead of schedule despite the challenging hot-weather conditions.
As expected from our initial assessment all the work was carried out in a safe, efficient manner and to the highest possible standards. 

Throughout the installation Udayan provided regular updates and was only too happy to discuss the install.

The end result is a state-of-the-art system that will meet our current and future needs.

We are extremely happy to have selected IEnergytech to provide our solar PV system.”

Jason Hazard, Process Manager, Deks Industries Pty Ltd.





10kWp installation at the Melbourne Hindu Vinayagar Sangham, The Basin, Victoria.

"...We are delighted with the final outcome: a system which has worked very pleasingly with the aesthetic lines of the new roof (sitting atop our new Cultural Hall) and an installation which was carried out to exceptional standards with workmanship methods and tools that in our opinion stand iEnergytech in a class of their own..."

Raj Nagarajan, President of the MVHS

“...Having worked with PV installations for over 6 years I have never seen quality and workmanship executed to such a standard, with the obvious aim of longevity and longterm benefit to the customer.

This can only be compared to our Bosch motto ‘Invented for Life’.”

Scott Beesley, Technical Sales Support, Oceania, Bosch Solar Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd, writing on the MVHS installation.



9.8kWp installation in Glen Waverley, Victoria.

"Thank you for the terrific solar PV power installation. We are already nearing 1000kWh of power generation from our first six weeks or so of operation!  

When contemplating a significant financial investment such as a solar PV power system it is always pleasing to find someone to partner with who both appreciates your objectives and offers sound advice.

Your personal service and attention to important details confirmed our initial impression of your professionalism. Providing a technical installation such as solar PV for an engineer is always going to be challenging and surrounded with high expectations!

Our installation incorporated a number of unique features specific to our requirements and your team has certainly been exceptional in the quality of the final installation.

It was a pleasure to see what is a very large system blend into the house so discretely and start generating power!

We have enjoyed our partnership with iEnergytech for this project and it is great to know we have achieved an optimal combination of components for maximum system performance and longevity.

In the end this is probably the best insurance of our investment in a solar PV power system!"

Electrical Engineer, Glen Waverley

Photo of a 10kWp solar pv installationPhoto of a 10kWp solar pv installation

Torquing all screws to manufacturer's specifications using high-quality calibrated tools from Weidmüller assures the installer and the owner of a high standard of safety and optimal performance of the system.



Photo of a 10kWp solar pv installationPhoto of a 10kWp solar pv installation

Dehn DC surge protection provides protection against surges from indirect lightning strikes; DC isolators are Kraus & Naimer (made in Austria) and AC 3 phase isolators are from Siemens.





4.4kWp PV Plant - Heathmont, Victoria

"We built up our domestic solar system in stages.

When we finally realized that a system much below 3 kW is way too small and encouraged by the big drop in panel costs ($ per Watt), we asked iEnergytech to quote for an upgrade of our system to 4 kW.

Another driver for this upgrade was the quality of our existing inverter.

This inverter was not state-of-the art and emitted a nasty radio noise that impaired both AM broadcast reception as well as my ham-radio hobby.

I was impressed when iEnergytech made sure that I got what I wanted and even went to the extent of measuring radio-noise emissions of various inverters with my help.

Once that was done, they selected a suitable power inverter and designed a custom system to suit the extension of our existing system while maximizing the power yield and roof-area usage.

The design was based on a full site assessment including measurements with dedicated instrumentation. Hence, it was easy for us to understand and agree to iEnergytech's proposal.

The proposal confirmed our view that a larger system was the way to go in terms of all reasonable criteria.

The project started timely and while the old system was partially disassembled, it was discovered that there were severe problems in our existing solar installation to the extent of danger of fire.

The previous installer had chosen to lay the DC cables directly under the colorbond metal roof without cable protection. In the course of the extension work further problems in our old system were revealed and we realized, how important it is to choose a knowledgeable, skilled and responsible supplier.

We had indeed been a little naive when we signed up for our first solar system back in 2009.

The new system layout by iEnergytech made best use of the available roof space, carefully avoiding existing structures, like a TV dish antenna and my ham-radio aerial, etc.

All DC cables were routed through metallic conduit pipes outside the roof structure. DC isolator switches were used and installed at proper locations (The previous installation had AC switches).

Needless to mention that only high quality Swiss-made DC cable with minimal losses was used for the connection to the power inverter.

In his constant strive to improve system installation practices, Udayan of iEnergytech even used torque wrenches for tightening the solar-panel clamp screws. In doing so, a maximum safety of the rooftop installation was achieved.

Nothing was left to chance.

Naturally such a high quality installation cannot be done in one day and short system-installation times are in fact usually a sign of potential shortcomings in the overall installation.

The support structure design was another part that received great attention by iEnergytech. It is not correct to have vertical support under a tilted solar panel on a flat roof. We did not know that - but iEnergytech did and even ensured that all existing support material was modified accordingly - without extra charges.

Such is the dedication of iEnergytech and that is why we chose them as a supplier.

Now the system has been running smoothly for many months and our choice to go with iEnergytech has proven correct in so many ways. The nominal installed maximum power output is 4.4 kWp, but on many days during summer we observed up to 5.2 kW power output.

Our first electricity bill showed a delightful $735 credit and I don't need to state how good this feels – even though money was not our primary driver for installing the system. Now, in the winter months, we still get 17.5 kWh on a sunny day and peak power in August is an impressive 4.9 kW.

In short: we got more than we paid for and it feels good to know that our system performs so well.

The provided SMA power inverter does not only look good – it also works very well and lets us check the system performance in great detail, including wireless Bluetooth access if we really want to know all power-generation details & history.

We are located on a small hill and strong winds occur quite regularly. However, the sturdy and well-designed support structure of our solar system withstands even the strongest winds with ease.

It is with pleasure that we wholeheartedly recommend iEnergytech as a solar-system supplier.

Whether you just want to be sure that you get the best system for your location and for your power-usage pattern or you have many questions to ask before signing up – iEnergytech is certainly the right address for you."


Dieter (Communications Eng) & Nilima Pelz
Heathmont, Victoria








4kWp solar PV plant installed in Mount Waverley, Victoria using 16 x 265Wp WINAICO modules, SMA inverter, Schletter mounting and Huber & Suehner DC cable

"Recently, I had a 4kW solar PV system installed by iEnergytech. 

I chose this company after a great deal of research to determine what factors were important in a solar system and after speaking to and getting quotes from others. 

Mine was not a straight forward, single array system and it was important to get the design right.  I chose iEnergytech because they were prepared and able to do a quality and effective job in a very professional manner. 

I knew at the moment I received the quote exactly what materials would be used, the design and the tools which would be used. 

One of the factors I found very impressive was receiving a custom manual after completion of the job--not a folder full of “off the shelf” brochures--but a manual specific to my system with all the information I might need for operating and maintaining the system in an effective way.  This included graphs and other data generated specifically for this job.  

I have no hesitation in recommending the company"

AW—Mt. Waverley, February, 2013






1.5kWp installation in Melbourne (later expanded to 1.84kWp)

“We have had a 1.5kW photovoltaic system installed by iEnergytech, and consider ourselves lucky to have found a reputable installer in what I find to be a confusing environment. Whilst I am an electrical engineer working for the airlines in a high-tech industry, my solar power research had found a confused situation with different companies making quite different claims about what seemed very similar products. We have learned along the way that this is not so  - some of the systems out there are not very good at all.

Myself and my wife found Udayan to be very knowledgeable, about the technology and the industry, and quite forthright about the different systems available. We were looking for a high-quality, reliable, system, and Udayan's system design using 185 monocrystalline SolarWorld AG modules and a KACO New Energy GmbH inverter has provided this.

Udayan went out of his way to provide full information up front, including detailed estimates of costs and savings, which he allowed me to assess and change. He spent time answering my queries, even corresponding with the module manufacturer to get answers. He provided full technical information, and good financial and schedule estimates.

He managed our installation, so that we had little stress, and kept us informed along the way, explaining the (complicated!!!) bureaucracy before and during. I met with his electrical installer at a site visit prior to installation, and during the installation, and was impressed with his knowledge and the workmanship in the final product.

We are very happy with the system, and the installation. If we were to upgrade our system we would be very happy to use iEnergytech.”

John (Electrical Engineer) and Sue Taylor
Mitcham, Victoria






Vicki Brown's system







4.5kWp system in Coldstream, Victoria, using Bosch c-Si M60 245Wp monocrystalline modules, Diehl Ako, and Schletter Profi Plus mounting system...

"We have been delighted with the installation and operation of our solar panels by iEnergytech.

The professionalism and attention to detail has been truely amazing.

It was done , when they said it would be done, it was installed when they said it would be installed, and all the paperwork was provided in an easy-to-read folder with all timelines clearly indicated.

We can highly recommend iEnergytech to anyone contemplating putting solar panels on their roof and thereby generating their own electricity."

Paul and Trish Martin, Coldstream, Victoria







2.53kW system in Croydon, Victoria:

using 11 x 230 SolarWorld Poly modules, SMA SB2500 inverter, Alzone mountings, Kraus & Naimer DC isolator, ABB and Moeller Controls’ breakers.

"We had been toying with the idea of solar energy for a long time. Finally, after meeting Udayan, who gave us valuable and understandable information, we felt confident to go ahead.

After Udayan came and evaluated whether our roof was suitable, we decided on a 2.5 KW system. We were very comfortable with this decision, as we had received plenty of information from Udayan, on all the somewhat confusing areas of solar energy.

Udayan made it easy for us to understand, giving us advice on making the most out of our system and organizing the installation, inspection and post- installation process seamlessly.

It is now up and running and we are amazed at our daily energy readings. We are extremely happy with our system, with the service we received, with the knowledge we have gained, and we could not recommend this company any higher."

Tania and Tom Hungerford-Gerth
Victoria, Australia






Proposed 1.5kWp system in Victoria:

“On contacting Udayan (iEnergytech) re: quote on Solar system, a shade analysis was carried out on our house. 

Because of shade from 2 large trees I was advised by Udayan and his installation team that it was not recommended to fit solar panels.

Previously I had 3 other quotes from companies who did not advise me of the problem of shading on our property.

I therefore appreciated Udayan’s honesty and integrity on his advice and the service of his company.”


Wayne and Maree Sanders
Victoria, Australia







3kWp system in Lilydale, Victoria:

"We had talked about installing a solar system for a while and had the good fortune to encounter Udayan at a display he had set up in our local shopping centre.  His passion for solar energy and commitment to customer satisfaction made it easier for us to finally move on from the “just thinking about it” stage.

When following up on our initial enquiry Udayan went to great lengths to comprehensively explain the full process and to make us fully aware of what we could realistically expect from our system. At no time did we ever feel any pressure to commit and we admired his patience and responses to all our questions.

The installation team were extremely professional and gave us a thorough  guidance on the operation of our system. Since installation Udayan has continued to follow up with further information and to ensure that our system is performing to our satisfaction.

Udayan and his team have been the most reliable and professional people we have dealt with in services to our home. If we decide to add to our system further down the track we will have no hesitation in returning to them to do so."

Ken & Deborah Wiggett, Lilydale, Victoria





1.61kWp SolarWorld AG system in Montrose, Victoria with SMA SB1700 inverter

28 June 2011.
"In April this year, I engaged iEnergytech to install a 1.61 kw. grid-connected solar array at our home.
Prior to the installation the company conducted an inspection to ensure that the site was suitable. This was followed by a report outlining the likely performance of the array in its installed position. Then we were always kept informed on progress with the installation.
The electrician carrying out the installation was punctual, very courteous, considerate, a neat worker, clean and treated our home with respect. He explained what he was going to do before starting work and answered all questions to our satisfaction. The work was completed in less time than scheduled. Since then the array has performed better than expected. The system has proved to be a quality asset.
Udayan Bhanot of iEnergytech was most helpful from start to finish, keeping us well informed with progress at all stages. He has also given us considerable help dealing with the grid company and with after-sales' service. I am most satisfied with the product."

Peter Girschik. Electrical Engineer, Montrose, Vic

Vicki Brown's system




Vicki Brown's system




Vicki Brown's system

Vicki Brown's system



Vicki Brown's system

Vicki Brown's system









Vicki Brown's system

Every mid and end clamp is torqued to manufacturer's specifications ensuring a high standard of mechanical integrity. Only calibrated (+-1%) Hazet tools are used for mechanical structures.


Vicki Brown's system

Gal-sheet covers provide further protection to the cabling system. Stainless steel 'Solar DC' labels ensure life-long safety.




Vicki Brown's system





Vicki Brown's system

Vicki Brown's system








Photo of a 10kWp solar pv installation






Photo of a 10kWp solar pv installation

40 x 245W Peak Energy Series' REC Norway modules giving 9.8kWp system size.

Photo of a 10kWp solar pv installationPhoto of a 10kWp solar pv installation

Every mid and end clamp is torqued to manufacturer's specifications ensuring a high standard of mechanical integrity. Only calibrated (+-1%) Hazet tools are used for mechanical structures. Stainless steel glans and Anaconda steel conduit assures a high life span of key components, and hence of the entire system.

Photo of a 10kWp solar pv installation

AC surge protection from Dehn ensures protection of the inverter's AC side. All installed to the correct torque.







Extension to an existing system

New array in the front and at the back, using SolarWorld Poly modules.

SMA's SB5000TL-20 emitted zero radiation onto the ham-radio system.

The old array's rear legs were vertically upright, reducing the bracing effect.

By angling the rear legs in a manner as to slant inwards, better bracing was achieved - important for this two-storey installation with significant wind loading.

Every single nut and bolt was torqued to manufacturer's specifications to ensure optimal clamping forces were achieved. Hazet (Germany) calibrated wrenches were used for this purpose.











Schletter tile kit system

The Schletter tile kit has one of the thickest profiles on the market. Note the assymetrical arrangement of holes for the batten screws - allowing for better bracing; note also the green packing shimm - allowing for a perfect alignment of the kit and hence preventing "pressing" down and damaging the tile above. Schletter enables a quality and long-lasting finish.


















2.53kWp SolarWorld AG / SMA SB2500 Solar PV system

"I feel happy and relieved to be connected to sustainable Solar energy. I wholeheartedly recommend Udayan Bhanot of iEnergytech, who arranged and supplied the Solar PV system you are admiring."

Vicki Brown,Boxhill, Victoria, Australia













4.5kWp Bosch solar pv array installed at Paul Martin's








Tania Hungerford's system














A shade analysis revealed that there would be irradiation only during certain months and that too for short periods of time. See Our Approach.







Ken Wigget's 3kW system


Ken & Deborah Wiggett's system comprised 13 SolarWorld AG 230W Polycrystalline modules and an SMA SB3000HF inverter. The system was installed on the east-facing roof.









2 sets of 4 and 3 Solarworld AG modules, with a gap in between (to allow for the natural lines of the roof) make up the array.


Alzone TTE360 system is an innovative new solar mounting system. Here we see an anodised corrugated mounting brackets used on a tin roof. The mounting bracket is separated from the roof using a special rubberised material. This prevents electrolysis between the two different kinds of metals.




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