Solar PV Science

The nuts and bolts (well just the basics)...

Crystalline solar photo-voltaic technology uses silicon as the base material. When silicon receives energy from the sun, the electrons in the outer ring of the atomjump from their orbit. By introducing other elements such as Boron and Phosphorous, into Silicon, these electrons find space to move to or from, and hence a circuit is created.


The electricity produced from the photo-voltaic system is fed into an inverter where it is converted to AC, before being fed to the load (via the building’s switchboard).


Using a grid-tied inverter, excess electricity is fed back onto the grid; coupled with a bi-directional meter, this “exported” electricity can be measured by the distributor and will earn the customer a credit....

Note, Solar PV operates at dangerously high Voltages and currents. For this reason there are numerous standards, instructions (from Manufacturer's) etc. that regulate the design and installation of Solar PV. These must be followed to ensure safety and longevity.

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