Solar PV Modules

Solar Modules from Germany, Taiwan...

Quality modules (or panels - as they are more generally known) will generate high yields, year in year out, will have proven themselves in independent tests, will be recyclable and most importantly, will work safely for their lifetime.

iEnergytech offers modules from selected German and Taiwanese manufacturers...







Solar Inverters

Solar grid-tied inverters

The inverter is a key component of a solar photo-voltaic system. It converts the DC current produced by the solar modules to AC current. A good inverter should have a lifetime of 20-25 years and will be manufactured using stringent quality-control measures and high-quality components. iEnergytech offers German and Austrian-made inverters: SMA AG, Fronius GmbH, KACO New Energy inverters, and Diehl Ako AG.

(Note, as of 2015, iEnergytech no longer offers Diehl Ako inverters due to a scaling back of the support in Australia).




SolarWorld AG

SolarWorld AG's modules have consistently achieved the highest yields in independent tests: Click to view the PDF. SolarWorld AG is directly involved in the entire manufacturing process from research and development, wafer production to final module assembly, and recycling.

Hanwha QCells

iEnergytech is pleased to introduce this premium range of VDE-approved modules; the VDE mark is a reflection of the standards that are maintained through the entire production cycle. Headquartered in Frankfurt, VDE assures the customer of a high standard of product.





Quality inverters are also capable of holding their efficiency levels for a much longer period of time. Their MPP trackers will be accurate and quickly pick out the maximum-power-point in the IV curve (current, Voltage curve) of the PV array.

Carbon Neutral – a Green Endeavour

Both SMA and KACO are carbon neutral inverter manufacturers; so when you invest in their inverters, you are taking a step forward for the environment....



Winaico is a Taiwanese conglomorete that has been involved in the electronics and high-tech sector for many decades. Winaico modules are made to outstanding standard featuring genuine connectors, robust sealing of side, double-walled frames and come from a 100% automated plant.

In addtion, iEnergytech may offer modules from Renesola or Yingli for selected projects.

Modules are only as good as the installation: See Safety.







Made in Germany / Austria

Both SMA and KACO grid-tied inverters are manufactured in Germany, which is a leading country in solar photo-voltaic technology. SMA is the world leader in solar inverter manufacturing with an approximate 40% global market share. KACO has been manufacturing inverters in Germany for over 60 years. Fronius inverters are manufactured in Austria.

SMA and Fronius have a direct local service-support centre in Australia.

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