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Learn how iEnergytech designs and builds solar PV systems; how the numerous standards are met, best-practice outcomes achieved and a standard of safety and efficiency striven for that is the bedrock of our business....

The industry's First and Only recipient of the 'Best Practice - Industry' award, given by CEC Australia, in recognition of the stringent standards of design & installation implemented on a 100kWp install in Victoria. See media release.




SMA Solar Academy

Councillor M McCarthy, Lilydale Council, recently nominated iEnergytech for an Environmental award in recognition of its work in the industry. The award was presented at a business event held in Mt Evelyn.



SMA Solar Academy

Constant innovation: iEnergytech has developed black anodized marine-grade aluminum covers for its all-black installations.




Udayan training at SMA in Germany

Founder of iEnergytech, Udayan Bhanot at SMA's training centre in Kassel, Germany to learn from the global leaders in inverter manufacturing.



See Our find out how we use innovative Solar Technologies to design and install solar PV.



110kWp project completed at Moreland across multiple roofs using a combination of optimised and standard modules.

Components: Schletter racking; Trina smart and standard modules; Fronius inverters; Gerich cable protection & Huber+Suhner.



SMA Solar Academy

"From what we have seen, the installer's attention to detail and aesthetics went well above what would be considered best practice." - IT Power, Energy Consult.




Our new Boecker panel lifter

Infra-red scanning of systems with an advanced 30mK-sensitive Testo 885-2 (with site recognition) allows comprehensive commissioning and close monitoring of modules and cells over their life spans.




SMA Solar Academy

IP68 (virtually water-proof) sealing and fire-resistant technologies from Gerich GmbH - Germany ensure life-long safety on the roof.











Explore the elements that make an iEnergytech PV system safe and reliable.






Schletter GmbH is a leading manufacturer of racking systems. iEnergytech uses Schletter exclusively across all its current sites due to its superior safety. Nothing else meets our standards.




Our new Boecker panel lifter

iEnergytech's Böecker GmbH panel lifter ensures safety for the installers and the equipment especially in difficult-to-access areas.




Our Experience...

iEnergytech draws on 70-odd years' experience with respected global organisations such as Siemens AG, ABB, Omicron, Kröhne, etc. in the Energy & Industry sectors; the knowhow of a team of award-winning and industry-leading installers and a willingness and near obsession to subject every little step to the minutest scrutiny.

iEnergytech philosophy is safety and efficiency first. As such iEnergytech solutions are designed to ensure long-term performance, uptime and safety are comprehensively managed. Our systems will achieve their financial goals, time and time again!






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